What I’m Looking For In 2013

Young Adult & New Adult Fiction

Send me your books! Etopia Press is an established digital-first house. Our titles are published in digital and print formats.

aYApic  birdbrokenwingDystopian, Paranormal, Fantasy and Sci Fi

Romantic elements are preferred (I like love triangles, but I’ve got to believe in them), as are unique settings with well-developed cultures. Series potential is a bonus but your first title must stand on its own. Dystopian and soft sci fi are both pet genres of mine.


“Dark” contemporaries and “issue” books

I’d love to find more brilliant dark voices in YA fiction—authors who handle real adolescent issues with a subtle, authentic flair. (An optimistic ending is preferred in whatever form you choose to craft it).

I adore intense relationships with buckets of complex character development and rich, well-researched settings. I’ll happily look at LGBT titles, too. In this genre, I really like narratives that surprise me, rather than the usual “they meet, it’s awesome, something goes wrong…but don’t panic, there’s more awesome!” format (though if done well, there’s nothing wrong with that either). A sense of humour is a must.

bloodshereadStrong, original heroines

When I say “strong,” I don’t mean that she has to be fiercely independent or nifty with a katana. I mean that KillingCaroline_ByChristinaDotson-50pctshe has to have roots, the story must nurture them, and she must grow. Flimsy heroines are probably the most common reason I reject a manuscript. I love heroines who literally scrape inside their skulls with a rusty spoon and then paint us a big mess of a picture. I want to know her, and she has to feel like a real person with all the tiny idiosyncrasies that real people have. (Ditto your heroes, of course).

I’m unlikely to accept:
Angels—I’ve got a lot of these on my list already.
Teens in mental hospitals—ditto the above!
Category voice—this isn’t YA (or indeed, NA).
Middle grade—we don’t publish this.

Maximum wordcount: 65,000 words

Click HERE to view our full submission guidelines, and for details on how to submit.


One response to “What I’m Looking For In 2013

  1. Hi Rhiannon. I feel honored to have both of my novels featured on your blog. Chat to you later!
    D L Richardson xoxo

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