Monthly Archives: April 2013

Acquisitions Update: YA & NA

Apologies for lack of updates…various things have kept me very busy. The good news is that part of the “busy” was the acquisition of these very awesome titles:

ENDURE and EVOKE, a two-book dystopian YA series by Laura Diamond, in which  a teenage boy battles back against a vampiric dictatorship who use humans for both food and reality TV entertainment.

LIVING DEAD GIRL by Janine Pilkington, a New Adult romance that I pitched to our exec ed as a paranormal BEAUTIFUL DISASTER, in which a young mortician falls for a bad boy punk rocker…until she dies, meets her sarcastic British Reaper, and realises love goes beyond the grave in all kinds of ways…

BY FORCE and BY CHOICE, a two-book New Adult fantasy romance series by Sara Hubbard, in which a girl is abducted by a group of domineering savages and travels through lands ruled by fairy magic to meet her rather fey fate.

I cannot tell you how excited I am about these books. Judging by the size of my slushpile, I may be adding to this post quite shortly…